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We do a lot of Wills. If you are still concerned about meeting in person, we can complete the provisions of the Will by phone or by zoom, email a draft to the client, and then make any changes/correction which the client requests.

When the will is in pefect condition, and ready to be signed, we encourage the client to drive to our office, 335 W 1st St., Reno. We then hand the unsigned will to the client while the client stays in the car. The witnesses then come out to the front of the building and watch the client sign the will from at least 6 feet away (Client holds the will up so they can see the signing). The witnesses then go back into the office, where they sign before our notary public. These wills are rock solid.

We are considering using an electronic notary for other documents but that is unnecessary for wills as the client’s signature to a will is not notarized even when there is no pandemic. Only the witness signatures are notarized.