We are open during this time of uncertainty. Two members of our staff are working from home and two others are at the office. Many folks are in need of a Will and more and more businesses/farms/ranches are expected to be in need of Chapter 11 or 12 bankruptcy relief.

The courts are also open as we write, but on a limited basis. Many trials have been continued, but probate and other essential services continue to be heard.

It looks like everyone will have to file papers electronically. This is not new. And most matters, at least in Washoe County courts, will be decided on the briefs. This too is not new. What is new is that there will probably be no in-court proceedings for the indefinite future. Each Court is handling this matter a little differently, but basically it is happening by phone or video conferencing. The courts will likely use Court Call or some similar online service.

In our office, staff is encouraged to communicate via zoom, a free video conferencing service. It works with Apple and Microsoft computers and, far as we can tell, all cellphones. Though it takes us old folks a while to get used to, most younger Americans only need a few minutes to download and set up zoom.

Staff at the office is wiping things down and generally adhering to the distance protocol now in effect. See Covid-19-MORE on this page.