Virtue itself turns to vice, being misapplied.

Romeo and Juliet

It is probably incumbent on us lawyers to speak now about the ongoing impeachment proceedings, proceedings which seek to remove a duly elected president of the United States from office. I think most folks would agree that President Trump is a disgusting human being, at best a con man. Whatever good his is accomplishing, e.g. appointing good judges and stopping the Balkanization of America, stems from epedience rather than principal. His dismanteling of Obama Care is, for want of a better word, an unconscionable plea to the worst in the American character. His protectionist trade policies are preventing the rising of the world’s boat, hurting everyone. President Trump said in the runup to the 2016 election, that he would not honor the results unless he won, and he is likely to say the same about the 2020 election. And his efforts to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens are, as pointed out by the Wall Street Journal, most disgusting.

BUT, he is the duly elected president of the United States and the present effort to remove him from office is clearly based more on anger at his policies than on his commission of any high crime or misdemeanor. The unbelievable speed of the ongoing impeachment process (this is written on December 15, 2019) does not allow for the creation of a record which would justify impeachment. There may be cause to impeach, but that cause is not knowable from clear and convincing evidence in the record. America can only hope that reason prevails and the present efforts to impeach him fail.